Huh..Are they pulling the numbers from their ass?

@Sir_Boops They’re calculating this purely based on average daily pageviews. 😂

@Sir_Boops It also assumes you are running ads and that each page view is equal to one impression.

Then, it takes that and spits out your annual revenue at current CPM rates.

@slightlyflightyone Oh you have to be a good chunk too...But i have no way of seeing the actual numbers so :blobidk: X3

@Sir_Boops You have 168 users. If every user checks their notifications just over twice a day, that would be in line with what you are looking at.

Plus, there’s your git service, and your mirror and anybody who checks out your site considering which masto instance to join or checks the local user page or local copy of a given toot…

@Sir_Boops Basically, this site is telling you your potential revenue is roughly $2000 a year if you choose to run ads. It seems like it would be p legit if not for the fact that adblockers are prevalent in the tech-obsessive community that tends toward early adopter services like Mastodon.

@slightlyflightyone Everyone that knows how to open a web browser has adblock installed as they should

....It even comes by default in edge mobile

@Sir_Boops Does it really? 😂

I know Chrome and Firefox still don’t block ads by default, but I’ve noticed more and more browsers have the option built-in. I know Midori does, for instance.

It’s funny that Microsoft’s browser allows an ad-free experience when even Microsoft’s operating system does everything it can to shove ads down your throat now. 😂

@slightlyflightyone Consistency is not Microsofts strong suite that's for sure XD

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