@chr @Sir_Boops basicslly i wrote an activitypub server which accepts any subdomain as valid and then loaded a bunch of subdomains onto m.s

@Sir_Boops Some instances are double in there (e.g. kif.rocks runs the api on toot.kif.rocks, but both domain names are in the list)

@anathem No it's how pleroma lists it pleroma ignores forwarded urls

@Sir_Boops Ah, now I understand. (As long as you don't count the entries in that list for statistics ^^)

@Sir_Boops Wow, that really is comprehensive. It even has my half-baked ActivityPub implementation hosted on social.owo.zone.

Did you scrape these yourself?

@Sir_Boops That also reminds me: I have to finish it. Posting is broken and it does nothing practical. It's just @dummy002!

@Sir_Boops Oh, it's also down. I should fix that.

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