@Sir_Boops Ah, the infamous WiFi cable.

I remember when WiFi was delivered over wires. 🤦‍♀️

@churusaa @Sir_Boops Now I’m pondering the feasibility of 802.11 delivered over coax cable, maybe for a long distance run?

@foxwitch @Sir_Boops 😂 For a long distance run, you may want to consider using fiber optic 802.11 instead.

@churusaa @Sir_Boops I mean sure, fiber is generally the best option, but if you’ve got some old coax laying around, it could be a better option than some of the alternatives.

@Sir_Boops there are so many people out there who've replaced the word 'internet' with 'wifi' in their vocabulary and it's absolutely jarring

@Sir_Boops Oh god. I choked on a piece of lettuce laughing at this.

@Sir_Boops If you called it anything else, you'd get people asking about the wifi every day. Every day.

@Sir_Boops Have to speak like the kids if you want to speak *to* the kids.

You gotta speak in their language. Even if it's incorrect, they'll know what you're trying to say.

@sirboops I don't see the problem, it's just like using a corded cellular phones or an RCA AM/FM cable
@Sir_Boops I know normies have no idea what a ethernet cable is but wow.

Woah, that's amazing! Incredible futuristic technology, where they can even transmit wifi over a wire. We're truly living in 2018.

wait shoot i just realized i replied to this practically a month after it was posted my bad

@frinkeldoodle @Sir_Boops Technically a WiFi cable shouldn't be impossible since you could theoretically build a fiber optics cable for Wifi, since it's basically the same thing as light...

@frinkeldoodle @Sir_Boops [I am by any means no expert, so I can't say if this really is possible but I think it could be in theory]

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