@pettancow @Sir_Boops Arch is pretty savage, for sure. This is a thing that Arch says if it can't boot properly.

@earfolds @Sir_Boops Oh yeah, I've run into that one back when I was using F2FS and the kernel modules needed for it changed without being reflected in the boot image.

@pettancow @Sir_Boops

Rest assured, that's apparently a very specific message for the linux-raspberrypi-package in Arch ARM:

Rest assured, generally Arch wouldn't be so sarcastic, it would just perform the upgrade and let you find out on your own :P

@Sir_Boops The best thing about this is the misspelling of "separate"

@kitsune @Sir_Boops One could have /boot into removable storage anyway.
It’s broken by _their_ definition.

@kitsune @lanodan @Sir_Boops

/boot on an external USB-drive that's plugged in only for boot directly comes to my mind. Or an encrypted system with a separate /boot partition and somehow that mountpoint vanished/was unmounted (in the second case there has to be something technically wrong though)?

Though it would be more elegant to have a pre-transaction-hook checking for that and aborting the upgrade if /boot is not mounted instead of just congratulating to a broken system....

/boot doesn't need to be mounted, unless you want to upgrade the kernel. But of course I don't expect Poettering to comprehend how Linux works. Run alpine or devuan on your pi and save it from this and more nonsense

It upgrades the kernel a couple lines down. It's likely a forewarning. It's not broken yet... If you mounted /boot and reinstalled the kernel it would get written in the right place.

This is why I always have linux boot disk nearby to chroot

@Sir_Boops "We didn't expect this use-case and want to cover ourselves, so we're assuming everything is broken. Good job!"

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