> The EU's Copyright Proposal is Extremely Bad News for Everyone, Even (Especially!) Wikipedia

> Under Article 13 of the proposal, sites that allow users to post text, sounds, code, still or moving images, or other copyrighted works for public consumption will have to filter all their users' submissions against a database of copyrighted works.

@Sir_Boops you know what this world needs more of?

Rigid authoritarianism!

@Sir_Boops holy fuck everything is gonna be stupidly slow and people are just gonna make shit up for the purpose of copyrighting it.
@Sir_Boops There should clearly be an exception when the user agrees to post under a license.
This make software go pretty much down too, thanks EFF for caring only about wikipedia…

@lanodan Better yet just scrap this whole law :>

And i think they only used wiki as an example

@Sir_Boops Yeah but it would pretty much make every contribution website go down.

Wikis, OpenStreetMap, Git*, probably social networks, forums, …

It’s way too much broad to be centered on wikipedia.

@lanodan :blobidk: Ask them why they only choose to use wiki and no-one else!

@Sir_Boops I probably will not, and well I don’t really care about the EFF actually, I used to be a member for two years but they need to do better, I haven’t resubscribed last year and probably will not again.
@sirboops Fuck the shitty copyright system

Imagine not being able to post pictures anywhere unless it's compared to a database, just wow

@coolboymew The more i see about copyright shit the more I think that whole thing should just be done away with

@sirboops Altho' if this ever gets in effect, I've just got a reallllly fun idea to fuck this this

@coolboymew I'm not 100% sure of this but I'm *heard* that anyone can upload stuff to be auto detected and there are no actions taken ageist abusers of that system :thinking_happy:

Not sure though so take that as a rumor XD

@sirboops Interesting

Here's my idea:
1- Vector/Make transparent nazi imagery
2- Make an image generator where you can put a picture, it paste random nazi imagery and applies some sort of corruption to both the picture and nazi imagery
3- Take corporation logos/ads and other disallowed "copyrighted" pictures and post that instead

Then see how long it'll last

@Sir_Boops This and the whole "link tax" thing makes me think that the EU is legislated by a bunch of morons.

@Sir_Boops I've seen this link before may be useful for people.

I almost forgot to do it myself

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