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Hi the two onions v2 and v3 doesn't working. Have error about the certificate. Please fix that. I think tor wont support the certificates. Thanks

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List of #ActivityPub projects in development (October update) Show more

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Still working on editing star photos, slowly, because I fell asleep, but here's a time lapse. I caught a couple meteors, but probably should have gone out earlier, and to a darker place (2 sleepy 2 drive etc)

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Microsoft Announces Linux-Powered "Azure Sphere" IoT Platform -

>While back in 2015 there was Azure Cloud Switch as Microsoft's first foray into having their own Linux distribution that handles networking within their Azure data centers, today they have announced their Azure Sphere product for IoT use-cases and it's powered by Linux.

#Microsoft #Azure #Cloud #Linux #distribution #phoronix #IoT

@bandie @Sir_Boops @cedric
Yeah! I have my avatar and header thanks to you! 🤗

Send me a nice avatar for my mastodon account. Who help me? :blobrofl:

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Vote please: Mark zuckerberg is a lier
1. Yes
2. No
3. I don't know
4. Who???

Anyone figured out that the steam store is now httpS on every game-page?? - Mastodon

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