I don't remember how this whole thing works here

Updated icon. This also has my old username that I had to change because I was like in a cult discord server so I changed all my usernames to not get found

Oh, my cat in this icon died :( maybe I'll change it so it's not sad to look at

Got a new flower. Cool. Forgot this website existed

Like it was probably supposed to be evidence the main character was not a great person, but there is a line somewhere and this was just over that line

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Come Closer by Sara Gran was a pretty good book if you can get past the really homophobic opening chapter.


Countries suck.

I hate them all


I've been trying to use Twitter because most of the people I followed moved there and it's so homophobic, but I can't stop reading it and it's making me feel so bad, but at the same time it's addictive

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