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@Feuerfuchs @lanodan modern design paradigm is 'pretty wallpaper > your everything" :blobowo:

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>Failing the contrast litterally on “User Experience”

You had one fucking job.

*rescues bunny taco*
*notices at home that I took the real taco*

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@Ste1lar@niu.moe I'll give it a solid "owo" out of "what's this"

Running Android P on my G4 now, and I'm not a fan of Google's new design language all. And I'm not saying that because "oh no, now I have to adapt" - that's never an issue for me.

> More than half of Americans believe “Arabic numerals” – the standard symbols used across much of the world to denote numbers – should not be taught in school, according to a survey.


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> Another problem was System 7's large "memory footprint": System 6 could boot the system from a single 800k floppy disk and took up about 600 KB of RAM, whereas System 7 used well over a megabyte.

Oh wow, 25 years ago we were complaining about +400KB memory increase, now look how many gigabytes we need to run Slack, Chromium and Atom at the same time

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Remember when a regular desktop had less than a gigabyte of memory and would be perfectly usable?

I do and it gets horrible when today systems are sometimes stuggling with 16GB of RAM.

@rin What about "Oopsie woopsie uwu We made a fucky wucky"

By the way, I have no idea why there's always a black rectangle on the left screen. I can't get rid of it.

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