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If somebody says "I have nothing to hide", ask them for their email password. That shouldn't be a problem after all, right?

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@Feuerfuchs no
not scratch

(entire world is written in MIT Scratch)

Looks like my text task will be learning how to create a cute ASCII foxxo for my gopher site

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Links work now as expected on my gopher. The solution was to put use "/URL:...", with a slash in front. I found this out by looking at pygopherd's source. ^^

Also, thanks for the help @cdmnky :)

The link to my website is identical in all gophermaps (`hWebsite URL:feuerfuchs.dev/`), so WHY does it only work on the landing page??

My Gopher looks pretty good now with the test content, but for some reason the link to my website is broken everywhere but the landing page:

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As a follow up to Banana Grammar, I found some Burger Grammar:

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everyone: "ais are gonna kill us all!!"
super advanced ais, when shown a turtle: "this is a gun!"
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is it really so hard for governements to understand they can't completely control an international network of cables

Just installed OverbiteNX and now Gopher feels like how the web should be – fast. I do miss graphics/CSS, though, since that's how I usually express myself.

Huh. Turns out Hugo doesn't like URLs that start with `gopher://`. Guess I'll have to put the link into the templates directly.

Using gopher on my hosted server doesn't work, so let's see if I can use my RasPi instead

Wait... when I set up federation, it was common to use an SRV DNS entry to indicate the right port. Can you do that with gopher, too?

My hoster hasn't added the ability to open any ports to their current system yet, so if I go for a self-hosted gopher server, I'll have to use port 80 and a subdomain :/

Hmm... using gopher might actually be a good alternative to the password-protected section of my website. I don't want to write about furry or private stuff where it can be so easily seen, but the protected section has absolutely zero discoverability.

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